October 9, 2000
This is all something that can be done. All of this is something that can be done. I will not write questions. It can be done. Art can be done. Three letter words can be done. The mystical does come to earth. There are oceans. Yes, there are oceans and oceans. Sweet is the taste of time. Every midnight there can be champagne. There are hazelnuts. Gathering is something we can do.

I want playtime. It can be done. I am as happy as a clam. Leaving is possible and arrival is possible. Short poems can be written representing beams of light. Poems can be written that resemble small golden bears, honey bears. Hexagons in wax are to be gazed at and restored. Energy does flow. There are blazes on the trail, blazes on my forehead. The burn scars remain, occasional fatigue, but no pain this year. The body has a knowledge. I don't fight this direction. I sink into my unusual difference, I bathe in the glass teapot.